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When to use

Similasan Itchy Eye is a sterile eye drop which gently moisturises and so quickly relieves, soothes, cools, calms and lubricates, itchy and irritated eyes caused by allergies. Thanks to its unique composition which has a balanced pH, Similasan Itchy Eye quickly soothes and gently calms itchy, red, swollen eyes caused by pollen (hay fever), pets, dust mites, mould spores, cosmetics, perfumes, ozone or other external causes. Similasan Itchy Eye can be used regularly to soothe and reduce symptoms caused by allergies, for as long as needed.


Ingredients: Aqueous borate buffer solution isotonised with sodium nitrate. Highly diluted components: Euphrasia officinalis and Schoenocaulon officinale.

Preservative: Silver sulphate.

How to use

Apply 1 - 2 drops of Similasan Itchy Eye in each eye, one or several times per day. The length of the moistening effect and therefore soothing, cooling, calming and lubrication after one application varies for each individual. Reapply as needed. For 10ml bottle:

  1. Remove tamper-evident seal from neck of the bottle.
  2. Twist cap off bottle.
  3. Squeeze plastic tip to release 1 - 2 drops into eye.
  4. Apply as needed.
  5. Replace cap after use. For single-use dropper: Remove a single-use dropper.
  6. Break off the flat part (with the ball end) from the dropper by twisting it off.
  7. Grip the eye dropper between the index finger and the thumb with the tip facing downwards, and hold it over the open eye.
  8. Squeeze so that drops trickle into the eye.

Product information

Download leaflet containing all relevant product information for: Similasan Itchy Eye 10 ml

Similasan Itchy Eye 10 ml