Similasan | Natural first aid for eye problems
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The start of Similasan

The Similasan product range was founded in 1980 by Swiss Pharmacist Armin Spaeni from a line of natural remedies he created for his stores. When his products proved a great success in the treatment of various eye conditions, he joined together with has founded together with two friends in Similasan AG, based in Jonen, Switzerland. Similasan quickly became one of the best-selling brands in Swiss drug stores, and today is the No1 selling eye care brand in Switzerland, as well as being available in other European countries and the US.

The philosophy of Similasan

Similasan offers a range of products for the treatment of everyday eye care conditions, including Computer Eye, Pink Eye, Itchy Eye and Dry Eye. All Similasan eye care products have been developed and manufactured in Switzerland under pharmaceutical standard conditions to the highest quality standards required by European and US guidelines. Similasan AG also produces a range of natural medicines for the treatment of coughs, ear infections, flu and skin allergies, all manufactured to the highest quality standards demanded by Swissmedic, EU and US Regulatory bodies.

Why are Similasan products so unique?

Similasan eye drops contain a complex combination of different ingredients for optimum effectiveness, which means that when used as directed, they provide a fast and highly effective solution to everyday eye care condiitons. Available in a comprehensive range, it’s easy to choose the right product to treat everyday eye care conditions including Computer Eye, Pink Eye, Itchy Eye, Dry Eye. Each product is specially formulated to treat specific indications, and is also available in convenient multi-dose and sterile mono-dose formats, to suit every occasion. Similasan is formulated using natural ingredients, and no side effects or drug interactions have been observed to date.

Swiss Quality Production

All Similasan products are produced in-house in Switzerland. Similisan operates in accordance with the European guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice, EU-GMP, and is certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The modern production facilities are focused on the production of natural and homeopathic medicines and medical devices. These state of the art facilities have the flexibility to bottle and pack different dosage forms such as sterile eye drops, sprays, ear drops, syrups, ointments and tablets. In addition, the systems are highly automated and the production facilities are constantly updated to ensure they compky wiht the latest regulatory requirements. All staff are trained by Similasan, to a high level of excellence and are motivated to maintain the highest quality standards.

Tired, strained, aching eyes?

These symptoms are often associated with spending increasing amounts of time involved in screen bound activity. Your eyes can feel tired, strained, and aching dry due to intense computer/office work, watching TV, gaming, reading, writing or driving at night, due to reduced blinking and prolonged focus of the eyes. Anyone can be affected...but now you can do something about it. Similasan Computer Eye can be be used daily to alleviate symptoms of overworked eyes related to reduced blinking or prolonged focus of the eyes (e.g. “office eye syndrome”)

Itchy, irritated eyes?

Itchy and irritated eyes can occur not only as a result of an allergic reaction (such as hay fever), but for eyes exposed to irritants like grit and dust, as well as sun, wind, smoke and wearing contact lenses, all this can lead to irritation. Anyone can be affected ... but now you can do something about it... Similasan Itchy Eye quickly soothes and gently calms itchy, red, swollen eyes caused by pollen (hay fever), pets, dust mites, mould spores, cosmetics, perfumes, ozone or other external causes. Similasan Itchy Eye can be used regularly to soothe and reduce symptoms caused by allergies, for as long as needed