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Sore, tired, strained and aching eyes?

Thanks to its unique pH balanced composition, Similasan Computer Eye quickly moisturises and gently calms affected eyes when they feel tired, strained, aching and dry due to intense computer/office work, watching TV, gaming, reading, writing or driving at night. Similasan Computer Eye can be used daily to alleviate symptoms of overworked eyes related to reduced blinking or prolonged focus of the eyes (e.g. “office eye syndrome”).

Similasan Computer Eye Pack

Itchy, irritated, red and swollen eyes?

Similasan Itchy Eye is a sterile eye drop which gently moisturises and so quickly relieves, soothes, cools, calms and lubricates, itchy and irritated eyes caused by allergies. Thanks to its unique composition and balanced pH Similasan Itchy Eye quickly soothes and gently calms itchy, red, swollen eyes caused by pollen (hay fever), pets, dust mites, mould spores, cosmetics, perfumes, ozone or other external causes. Similasan Itchy Eye can be used regularly to soothe and reduce symptoms caused by allergies, and can be used for as long as needed.

Similasan Itchy Eye Pack

Irritated, red, teary eyes?

Simliasan Pink Eye's unique pH balanced composition quickly soothes, cools and gently calms irritated, red or teary eyes when they feel irritated or gritty due to common cold, cough, flu or external irritants (e.g. foreign bodies, contact lenses, rubbing of the eyes, smoke, dust). Similasan Pink Eye can be used regularly to cool and calm pink/red eyes suffering from the symptoms of common cold (viral) or environmental conjunctivitis.

Similasan Pink Eye Pack

Troubled by dry, tired and irritated eyes?

Similasan Dry Eyes eye drops hydrate and soothe. The eye drops have a balanced pH level and are made from natural ingredients. Providing a soothing and hydrating solution for a refreshed look. Helping you to get back on track.

Similasan Dry Eye Pack

Also suitable for contact wearers!

Similasan products are registered Class IIb medical devices, and have been approved for use whilst wearing contact lenses. However when the eye is inflammed the wearing of contact lenses is not recommended.

Similasan - Specific solutions for specific problems.

As a company Similasan has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of eye cares since 1985. The drops are also used extensively in other countries including the US and Netherlands. Because eye problems are not all the same, Similasan has developed a range of specific solutions for the treatment of specific eye symptoms.